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  • "Failing to prepare is preparing to fail."
  • "3...everyone will remember this!"
  • "I'm not arrogant, I'm just confident"
  • "There's a point in the game where you've got to just bear down and make shots."
  • "When it's pressure time and you need to get the ball in your hands and you gotta have the confidence to make the shot or make the play for someone else, I've never been shy about it and I won't be because the minute you don't have the confidence in yourself I think your whole game goes down the drain."
  • It's always nice to prove doubters wrong"
  • "From the minute I picked it up....Love at first site.-Refering to a basketball
  • in the country....get over it!!
  • When you step on the court if you dont make your teammates around you better you're not half the player you can be, but when you make everyone better that shows a TRUE PLAYER."
  • I don't like to lose, I love to compete, they're on one side we're on the other, it's war, ummm...if you don't look at it that way if you look at it like.."oh it's just a nice little game" well you know what, you're gonna sell yourself short.  If you go out there with a mentality to compete and win every possession make everyshot then that's when I think your team is successful."
  • "What streak!?!" -when she was asked about the 70 game winning streak.
  • "The minute I picked up a ball I've always had fun with it..umm... I mean I always had fun dribbling, passing, it was always fun for me."
  • "It suprised me, you've got to win something to be talking a little trash.  For a team that hasn't proved themselves in, I don't know how long to be talking trash? Once the game starts, we'll see how much they'll be talking." -on Seton Hall
  • "That's bullshit mutha fuckers...LET'S GO!!" -after she shoots a 3 in a Lady Vols face.
  • " The coaches always emphasized that,"if you put the team first, the individual things will come later."
  • "If there ain't basketball in heaven, then I ain't going."
  • "I like playing with guys better. They're bigger and stronger so you have to use your smarts."
  • "I'm an average player right now, and that doesn't sit well for me, and I'm going to change it."
  • People say I play like a guy, I mean it's a compliment, but Sue and I want them to say "Dang you play,you play like a woman!"



(Trivia Answer : "A BMW 745 Li".........Nice pick Dee!!!!)

DT puts the ill in SKillZ!!!!!