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Some of Taurasi's thoughts on different topics!


Taurasi on shopping

"I’m an online shopper. You can get special sizes, stuff that’s tall and long, so I mostly go online. is my favorite. If my teammates go out to malls or places like that to shop, I usually say, `I’m out.'

"I'm a plain person,, that's where my shopping extravaganza is. I do it online, but sometimes we have so much time, we will go to the mall. Either way is good."



Taurasi on her Culinary Skills
"Yeah, I cook. Last night I made spaghetti with pesto sauce. I can make Chicken Milanese. So I cook a little bit. I did it sometimes in college, but back then you were so busy all the time. Now we have a lot of free time (laughs). We take turns as to who cooks. Shereka Wright, about a week ago, she had a shrimp fettuccini Alfredo. We trade off. At home, my mom and dad cook all the time. Chicken Milanese is my favorite dish there."



Taurasi on Season Finale of Friends

I don' t really like Friends, but I'll probably watch the finale just because everyone's watching it, but I'd rather watch the O.C. (laughs).



Taurasi on Makeup

"I don’t wear make-up. Nope. Nope. Nothing. I just never did that. I like touching my face, so I don’t like stuff on my face. I’ve never played with make-up."



Taurasi on Fashion Fitness

"Basketball shorts. That’s what I work out in: basketball shorts and a T-shirt. I don’t get all prissied up to go work out. For golf, khaki shorts and a tank top."



Taurasi on her first car

"It was a brown 1986 Toyota Corolla, four-door, stick. It was the ugliest thing. It was my parents' and it was passed down to me when they got their new car. So I got the ’86 Corolla. We would crash it. It would go through anything. It never stopped on me. We’d take it to the beach. It was a good time. It’s been gone, long gone."



Taurasi on her first job

"I worked basketball camps during college, but I don’t know if those really counted as first jobs. It was actually really cool. I’ve always enjoyed the game, so I could see myself coaching when I do stop playing. I’ve got a good feel for the game. You have to know how to interact and be around people, so I definitely think coaching would be up my alley. Basketball has been my first job."



Taurasi on her Mother

I have a great relationship with my mom. She’s been supportive throughout this whole basketball thing. It's great, with your parents, you can go home and you get away from basketball. They just love you for who you are and not what you do out on the court or your accomplishments. That’s the biggest thing I love about my mom.

Mom critiquing me on the court? My mom knows to keep her mouth shut (laughs). “Mom, I’m not hearing that. I know I didn’t box out. Don’t tell me.” My mom, she just likes to watch. She doesn’t really know the Xs and Os about it. That’s a good thing.



Taurasi on how she spends her free time

"ESPN. I watch ESPN all day, everyday. Movies, music, I’ll go shopping. I have a lot of CDs and DVDs. I go from Tupac Shakur, who’s my favorite, to Sublime to the Red Hot Chili Peppers. So I’m all over the map. I love SportsCenter, ESPN News, PTI. I just like sports. I like to know what’s going on."



Courtesy of The Official Site of The Phoenix Mercury

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